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Answers to Frequently Asked Tenant  Questions

  • How will you advertise my property?
    One of the things we pride ourselves on is our marketing expertise. We will market your property through several resources including our website, social media, signs on the property, and several hundred other local and national websites. We will also utilize our connections and contacts in the community to ensure that we find the most qualified tenant for your property as quickly as possible.
  • I  have existing tenants in the house. Can you manage them?
    Yes, we are able to manage property with existing tenants. However, at the end of their current lease term, the tenants will be required to sign a new lease with Dahlia Homes, as long as they have not violated the lease and are in good standing with us.
  • My property needs some work before a new tenant can move in. Can you help?
    Yes, this is one of the things that we specialize in so we would be more than happy to assist you in making sure the work gets completed quickly, correctly, and under budget.
  • How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
    We have a 30 day tenant placement guarantee. However, in most cases we are able to identify the most qualified tenant, screen them, and get a lease signed within 15 days of marketing the property for rent.
  • How will you screen my tenant?
    We complete a thorough credit check, background check, employment verification, rental verification,and eviction search. We do everything we can to make sure that we are selecting the most qualified tenant for your property.
  • How soon will my new tenants be moving in?
    This could take as little as 1-2 weeks or as long as 30- 60 days. For example, if it takes us 15 days to rent the property, and then the tenant needs to give a 30 day notice where they currently live, it would take 45 days from the time you sign up, until you have tenants moving in.
  • When do I get my rental proceeds?
    Direct deposits are sent out by the 15th of each month. Owner statements are available 24/7 in real time via the owner portal.
  • Why don’t I get the deposit until the 15th?
    We need to make sure that the funds the tenant has paid rent with are good funds and clear, before we can send that payment to you. For example, if the tenant pays rent on the 5th day of the month, it typically takes 3 business days to clear our account. Once we initiate the direct deposit to owners, it typically takes an average of 3 business days to fully clear their accounts.
  • How do you handle repairs?
    If there is a repair needed for less than $250, we make the repair, and you will see the charge and/or invoice on your statement when you login into your owner portal. We do not typically get prior approval on emergency items or minor repairs under $250. If the repair is over $250, then we will contact you so that we can discuss how you would like to proceed. Emergency items can cause considerable damage to your property if not addressed immediately, including potential harm to the tenants. Nevertheless, we will contact you promptly once we are aware of any emergency repair items that arise. Also, unlike many property management companies, we do not accept kickbacks, referral fees or any other type of compensation from our vendors.
  • Can I do my own repairs?
    Anytime a property has a tenant and lease in place, you are unable to do your own repairs due to liability issues. It will be necessary for us to coordinate the repairs being made with a 3rd party vendor.
  • Do you charge management fees when a property is vacant?
    Absolutely not! A lot of property management firms still charge a management fee even when the property is vacant. We adamantly disagree with this policy and it does not align with our ethical philosophies.
  • How often do you visit the property?
    We perform move in and move out inspections before any tenant moves in and shortly after they move out. We also perform an annual and/or bi annual inspection depending on which management package you choose. We provide pictures of the entire property, report any damage or lease violations, and suggest any repairs needed after each inspection. We are also more than happy to perform additional inspections at any time with proper notice to the tenant. However, a minimal additional fee may apply for additional inspections depending on the management package you choose.
  • Can you please send me the tenants credit report?
    Due to various laws, and agreements with our reporting agencies, we are unable to send the tenant’s personal information to you. Everyone must be screened, using our criteria.
  • What if my tenant stops paying rent?
    If the tenant has not paid rent by the 6th day of the month, we serve them with an eviction notice. If they have not complied by the 15th of the month then we will immediately file an ejectment action with the court system which will start the formal legal eviction process. In some cases, we will file the ejectment action sooner than the 15th of the month, especially if they are unresponsive to our attempts to communicate with them.
  • What is your philosophy for interacting with tenants?
    We firmly believe that good relations with tenants are extremely vital to collecting rent on time and ensuring the management of your property is as smooth as possible. All tenants are expected and are firmly held accountable to comply with all lease terms and conditions. NO EXCEPTIONS! We have found that cultivating solid, authentic relationships with our tenants builds trust which increases lease compliance and effective communication while decreasing vacancies, evictions, and damages to the property. While it benefits all parties for us to build and maintain good relationships with all our tenants, it is never at the owner’s expense.
  • What is a reserve account and do you require us to maintain one?
    A reserve account is an amount of money set aside and reserved for any unexpected maintenance or repair costs for a rental property. We do require a $250 reserve amount for each property which can be paid directly to Dahlia Homes or withheld from your first owner draw payment. It is reflected on your owner statement and any repair/maintenance expenses will be deducted from the reserve account first. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your management agreement with us then the amount that is left in the reserve account will be reimbursed to you with your final owner draw.
  • Do I still need liability insurance for my property?
    Absolutely! As a property owner, you must have insurance to protect you from the unexpected. We do require proof of insurance on file at all times and that Dahlia Homes LLC is named as an additionally insured for all properties we manage on your behalf. We also notify all tenants that renter’s insurance is required. This is required to protect our clients and their assets.
  • Should I allow pets?
    We strongly recommend that you consider the possibility of accepting pets at your property. We have found that those that do not allow pets have significantly less applicants apply when their property is listed and take much longer to rent. We do require an additional pet deposit and in many cases additional pet rent. While we have a standard pet policy and fee structure that we have found to work best, we also are open to working with each owner individually to create an individualized pet policy that they are most comfortable with, if needed.

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